Tropocells PRF

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  • Description

    Introducing Tropocells Pure Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF), your natural companion for a swift recovery. This unique fibrin scaffold, enriched with platelet helpers like cytokines and growth factors, synergizes with other beneficial materials to initiate your body's healing process.

    Dive into the essence of Tropocells PRF, likened to a welcoming scaffold that integrates platelet helpers and growth factors with additional healing components. Activated platelets within this matrix act as superheroes, ensuring a robust and potent source of healing.

    Tropocells Pure PRF not only caters to various healing needs, spanning from wounds to bone repairs, but is also user-friendly, cost-effective, and free from unnecessary additives. Trust Tropocells PRF from Regen Portal for a natural and seamless path to healing, where nature and innovation converge for your well-being.


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    Vendor: Regen Portal
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